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Medical Innovation:
Dry Electrodes Overview

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Electrode Profile

Orbital Research Inc. has developed a disposable dry electrode intended for long duration and ambulatory ECG (aECG). The success of the technology is largely due to surface micro-features that function as the sensing element of the electrode.

These micro-features augment the electrode/skin interface by mechanically connecting the skin and the electrode, thus facilitating the transmission of the ECG signals from the body through the electrode and reducing motion artifact.



Electrode Size Comparison
Extended Use

The dry electrode enables longer continuous periods of ECG capture. The Orbital Research dry electrode is a critical component of home based ECG studies which are part of current trends to drive down health care costs by transitioning observations out of the hospital to home based procedures.

Customizable Design

The Orbital Research team offers customizable solutions for customer's needs. The monolithic design is composed of the sensing element, housing, and snap as a single part. The Orbital dry electrodes can be designed to customer specifications. Size, shape, aesthetics, and attachements can be varied for specific appliactions.

Fixation Solutions

The Orbital dry electrode can be integrated into arm bands, chest straps, harnesses, shirts, headgear, and much more.


Development of the Orbital Research dry electrodes has been funded through the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and the State of Ohio.

Novel Recognition

The novelty of the electrode has been recognized through the award of 11 patents with 7 additional patents pending.

US Patent #'s 6785569,6782283,7032301,7032302, 7979110, 8019402, 8428682, 8201330, 7286864, 7489959, 7881764


Recent Achievements

Dry Electrode Specifications [PDF]

MEMS Microvalve Array [PDF]

Comparison of ECG Signal Quality (ACSM Abstract) [PDF]

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