Orbital Research Inc.

Physiologic Monitoring Systems

Orbital Research has an outstanding track record for innovations capable of providing improvements in existing technologies for monitoring individuals for health related outcomes in both dynamic and ambulatory environments.  Orbital's  wearable sensor suites are versatile, small, low power, minimally invasive, and able to address the monitoring requirements for multiple monitoring scenarios.

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SilverBumps® Dry Recording Electrode

Diagnostic quality bio-potentials without skin preparation or electrolytic gels.

Orbital Research’sSilverBumps® dry electrodes use an unique surface feature design to measure bio-electric signal with no skin preparation,  messy gels or irritating adhesives. The SilverBumps® brand of electrodes are engineered to match or exceed industry standard signal-to-noise ratios of traditional electrodes.  The combination of the unique monolithic design (sensing surface, housing and snap as a single part) and "bumps", minimize motion artifacts which improve signal quality.  Our dry electrodes outperform traditional electrodes in terms of patient comfort in long-term physiological monitoring applications.

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CardioWare™ Harness

Diagnostic quality ECG without skin preparation or exposed wires.

CardioWare™  is a low profile, adjustable harness that monitors and transmits ECG signal.  The CardioWare™ harness is enabled by Orbital’s SilverBumps® electrodes which reliably collect ECG signals via unique surface features, or “bumps”.   Integration of Orbital’s SilverBumps® electrodes allows measurement of bio-electric signals with no skin preparation, messy gels or irritating adhesives.   CardioWare™ is capable of interfacing with many of the existing 3-lead and 5-lead ECG Holter and event monitoring systems.  With increased patient compliance and compatibility with existing systems, the CardioWare™ harness will provide more successful diagnostics for Holter and Cardiac Event Monitoring studies.

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