Orbital Research Inc.

Precision Guidance Technologies

Orbital Research provides enabling sub-components to enhance the performance of weapons' systems and air vehicles. slender body air vehicles such as low velocity grenades, mortars, artillery rounds,      interceptors, and medium caliber rounds.      The enabling sub-systems include inertial measurement units, guidance electronic units, imaging systems, target tracking technologies, control actuation systems etc.

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Control Actuation Systems (CAS)

Orbital Research is developing  a low-cost control actuation system (CAS) with accompanying guidance electronics to prosecute stationary and moving targets.  The Orbital Team has devised a CAS  that features four (4) independently controlled deployable  canards which enable roll control, ideal glide configuration, and terminal maneuvers.  Our CAS design allows for range extension through drag reduction and more efficient trim performance.

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Guidance Electronics

The Orbital Team has leveraged the design experience of its mission computer/guidance electronic unit to develop a family of guidance technologies for spin and fin stabilized munitions ranging in size from 20mm to 250mm.  These guidance electronics are optimized with key design features which include electronic placement for both gun launch survivability and minimal component cross-talk. 


Target Detection

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On Board Recorder (OBR)

The Orbital Team specializes in customizing our Multi IMU with integrated data acquisition and processing for the specific weapon system application.

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Guidance, Navigation & Control (GNC)

Orbital Research specializes in affordable guidance and control systems for smart munitions and address the issues of measurement accuracy, sensitivity, required calculations, susceptibility to environmental noise and methods of reducing their effects.

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Alternative Navigation Sensing Technology
Orbital Research specializes in inertial navigation and other enabling sensors for GPS and RF denied navigation, especially during mid-course.

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Inertial Sensing Technologies

Orbital Research specializes in high-g survivable, miniature inertial sensing technologies.  Get our specification sheet.

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 Many of the technologies, services and products that we provide are the result of achievements and experience gained through competitive awards-based programs.  The breadth of our intellectual properties portfolio are a direct result of research and development programs sponsored through numerous federal agencies.


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